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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ye Bandoo - Online Vegetables and Service at Your Doorstep

"Bhaiyya, Half KG Cauliflower, 1 KG Cabbage, Pav Kilo Bhendi, Half KG Matar dena jara",
the local vegetable waalah will pack this up for you and put the bags in your backseat of car or you latakaofy the bags on your bike and come home.

"Select Half KG Cauliflower, 1 KG Cabbage, Pav Kilo Bhendi, Half KG Matar", Add to the basket and click on Submit.
And the vegetables will be delivered at your home at your convenient time.

When I first listened about this website,, I was surprised though I shall not be assuming I was expecting this to happen today or tomorrow looking at the internet growth in here.

Ye Bandoo (not 'Ye Bandu', okay!) has started their online vegetables and other services recently. Online bill payments was the "IN" thing last year, online "Sabji" shopping is "IN" thing this year. Don't get surprised to listen to this, the way I was for a second.

The moment I came to know about them, I registered on their website to check what all they have to offer, real fresh pictures of vegetables and fruits (When I saw the vegetables ad fruits delivered by them, I could see that not only the pictures are fresh on the website but the real thing too).

So once I registered with them, the next day I got a personal call from Mr. Sandeep of to let me know that I was an activated member and I can shop online for the vegetables and fruits now. First, I was like, "Whatt, why he would need to activate me!". But then realized, it might be because the site is pretty new, and they must be checking out each registration personally and make sure that there are no fake registrations. I guarantee, after few days they would not be check it personally any more. Looking at the service they are providing, they would get enough registrations to handle.

I have registered and opted for weekly delivery of vegetables at my home, and I need not to listen to my wife's "Pingping" about "Ghar me sabji khatm ho gayee hain, chalo leke aate hain". And hey, if you are bothered about making payments online, no need to worry, right now the payments can be done over the weekend at your doorstep as per your convenience when you are home. Cool, innit!!

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