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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

TheWhereWhen Project - Something Different

The WhereWhen project is one of it's kind project, an event calendar online, and it's becoming major source of almost all the events in United states very fast. They are not source of some specific type of events, but they will feature all type events like theatre event, art events, business events, fashion events.

You shall get to know about the time and venue of every featured events at The WhereWhen project only a click away. You can also buy tickets for some of the events online. You may like to buy theatre event tickets, concert tickets, sports tickets, and there you can do it if the featured event allows.

The best thing about this site is the categorization by the state and the city. Just click on the state name and you will get to know the events in your state and your city. Categorizing the events in World class events also help a lot to find out the best events in the world taking place in USA.

The "Popular events" feed also keep us updated on the most popular events people dying for. At the end, this pretty useful website is completely free for registration so it's worth taking benefit for event lovers.

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