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Monday, July 02, 2007

Appetizer Recipes - First Step of My Cookery Classes

I think I cook good. Yes, unfortunately it's only "I" who thinks that I cook good... LOL. But when I see my wife cooking some delicious food, I get an urge of cooking.

In the childhood, I used to see my Mom checking out the recipe books and cook some lovely food for me, decorating it with nice green coriander leaves. Now it's my wife who takes care of my appetite.

Whenever I feel to learn some cooking dishes, I rush online and try to search some good recipes. But now, I have decided to go step by step. The first step in my cooking classes would be how to make delicious appetizer recipes. Now, I am not a bond of cooking, so I would need to take some online help to make my efforts fruitful.

I am a big party animal, and love to invite my friends home and celebrate any occasion. Now you want to make best of the appetizers and make them happy, you need to make a delicious appetizer in your party food. So how about making something in mouth watering.

See, I already started learning appetizer recipes and started with these Assorted Appetizers. Check it out in the picture and let me know if you liked it ;)



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